Arctic Cloudberry

I have memories of the cloudberry from adventures in Finland during childhood. Am not much of a berry eater but loved the colour, the shape, and of course the wonderful name ‘cloudberry’. In Finland they are known as ‘lakka’.

The Finns are big on glass design. They have a Glass Museum. I grew up surrounded by glassware from Iittala (special mention to the designs by Tapio Wirkkala – the designer of the beautiful Finlandia Vodka bottle), and Aarikka . There is something about the texture of the glass that I love so much, it is kind of organic in form, feels as if inspired by nature.

A collection of handmade items I curated for an Etsy ‘treasury’ inspired by the arctic cloudberry.

arctic cloudberry

Shops – left to right:

The Pebble Collection
The Clay Pony

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