“If I Was You” Illustration

My submission for the project/websiteΒ  IF I WAS YOU created by Sandra Dieckmann.
“One illustrator a week will be invited to create a response to the previously
featured artist in illustrating their answer to the question:
‘If I was you, I …'”

I was asked to illustrate Amy Rhian & read somewhere that she likes Peter Andre.

Check out the website for my little interview as well as many previous submissions by illustrators (including a couple of my favourites – Mohan Ballard & Emma a.k.a. Benconservato!)

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One response to ““If I Was You” Illustration

  1. Little Skew

    I thought the balloon looked like Peter Andre πŸ™‚
    I have to say I really like your work, from the egg cups, to your journals… your illustrations make me smile… much like the tea cup! (I imagine this is what mine look like when I fill them with tea goodness). Will be stopping by your blog more often

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