Colour Collective: Opera Pink // sloth illustration

Happy new-ish year!

Thank you for continuing to read and follow my shenanigans into 2015!

Somehow a miracle happened and I got my creative mojo back after over 4 miserable years of creative block. I needed a challenge, and after participating with a Twitter challenge in December (#illo_advent), the same superstar that organised it (Penny Neville-Lee) decided to start an ongoing challenge, #Colour_Collective. Anyone can join in, all levels from stick man artists to Renoir proficiency. Each weekend a new colour is announced (currently working on Ultramarine) and we all post on the Friday at 7.30pm (GMT). Then there is lots of sharing and caring.

This week our challenge was to create an image using the colour Opera Pink. The first thing I thought of was of course sloth related – feeding a mother and baby sloth bright pink hibiscus flowers when I was in Costa Rica last year. Apparently hibiscus flowers are like chocolate to sloths. Here’s what I came up with:

Hibiscus - sloth chocolate

I used Winsor and Newton watercolour paints, HB pencil, and some rare Karismacolor pencils that Gavin Berriman gave me. Hope you like it!

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