How to check your Twitter impact with quick analytics

How to check Twitter Analytics for your small business

How to check your Twitter impact with quick analytics

If you haven't discovered the free Twitter Analytics feature yet, you need to know how simple it is to measure your results! Visit while signed into Twitter to activate analytics for your account. The below screenshot is what the Analytics dashboard looks like. Use the Tweets tab in the menu bar at the top to view activity for each tweet, the Home tab for highlights and summaries, and the Audiences tab for information on your audience demographic.

Twitter Analytics for Small Business

Note which posts are resonating with your audience and receiving the most engagement - post more like these! It's important to figure out what works and what doesn't work for YOU because social isn't one-size-fits-all. You could read all the tips that the internet has to offer, but experimenting with and adapting your own brand's social accounts will give you personal insights that nobody else can.

Once your account is activated, you can check each post in real-time!

view twitter analytics for each post

You can only view in-post analytics on your own posts, not posts you've retweeted. Sometimes there may be little or no visible engagement with your posts, but perhaps they are getting clicks and conversions on the sly! When you click the chart icon on your tweet, a Tweet Activity box pops up as follows:

tweet activity for digibloom

For this particular tweet I wanted to further the reach of my post by using a trending hashtag, while engaging with the people posting about a topic I like.

It's useful to know what kind of response you're aiming for. I was interested in retweets and profile clicks, i.e. further post reach and individuals interested in my account and what I'm doing.

Now that I know this kind of content is one of my more popular posts, next time, in theory, I could also add a link with an aim to drive visits to e.g. a relevant product in my online shop.

In truth, I wasn't actually being strategic with this post - it was a doodle I already had and I saw an opportunity to post it, but want to show you how small strategic actions can grow your account following, brand awareness, and sales.

Next time you want to view your Analytics dashboard, find it here:

twitter analytics menu

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