Tips for Writing Awesome Social Media Posts

Tips for writing social media posts for your small business - by Heidi at

Part of my former role as Social Media & Blog Coordinator for Etsy involved searching for and promoting the crème de la crème of products offered by Etsy sellers, which may seem like a doddle - however, the real challenge was to post about these products in an interesting, non-repetitive way. Harder than you might imagine!

How to write a tweet that doesn't suck

How a lot of people tweet: "We love this blue teapot!"

Oh, that's nice. What a nice teapot that you love. Nice nice nice. Nice and lazy. Why do you love the bloomin' teapot?

How about: "I'm usually a coffee drinker, but this one-of-a-kind teapot has such a fresh design that it makes me want to drink tea!"

Your challenge is to find alternative ways of saying: "We love this!" or "check it out!"

digibloom describing etsy product for twitter

If it's your own product or service you're promoting, the following suggestions shouldn't require too much research: Who made the teapot? What's their story? Is it the first teapot they made? Are they a window cleaner that became an overnight teapot-creating success? Did they make it in the wee hours of the night when the rest of the world is asleep because that's when creativity hits them?

What influenced that teapot? Was the colour and shape influenced by a trip they took to a deep blue lagoon on the eve of a full moon? Or had they always sought a more stylish and functional design, attuned to the clean lines seen in their favourite photographer's work?

  • Find the story, the hook behind the product or service you're promoting. Good to know for approaching press/blogs too!
  • Use a thesaurus to transform those boring 'nice' words. EXCITE THE PEOPLE.
  • Imagine you're talking to your target market - what's your tone, your voice, how silly or serious can you be? Can you get away with emojis? Puns?
  • How will this teapot benefit the customer? How is it superior to other teapots? Explain how your product/service will save them time, money, increase their happiness, or complement the colour scheme of their on-trend new kitchen, etc.
  • Approach your posts from different perspectives, e.g. grandma is using the teapot - how does it fit into her day? A child is looking at the teapot, what does it remind them of? Make a list of different scenarios & think outside the box (or teapot)!
  • Keep it short and snappy - people are skimming through a huge amount of content online.
  • Make it pretty - include images as often as possible. Buffer's research suggests that a tweet with an image (and the link) receive 141% more retweets! BINGO!
  • Don't just link to Instagram, post the picture as well - according to Buffer, tweets with an Instagram link get 52% less retweets!
  • Occasionally use a call to action, e.g. "you can nab one here: (product link)"
  • Don't over-promote!

Good luck with your creative, bite-sized sentiments! How do you approach the writing of social media posts? Please do share in the comments!

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