Pinterest Freebie - Possibilities Planner 2018

Pinterest have created a wonderful Possibilities Planner for businesses, which is essentially a free calendar to help you implement your marketing strategies. "This is your go-to guide for audience insights, keyword recommendations and timing tips — download a copy to dream up a year of possibilities."

Screenshot of a wee section of Pinterest's  Possibilities Planner

Screenshot of a wee section of Pinterest's Possibilities Planner

The planner is designed to "help you understand what moments matter to Pinners and how your brand can be a part of their journey as they discover, save and do." Use the calendar to see when Pinners start saving Pins for each moment, which you may discover can be surprisingly early! Download Pinterest's Possibilities Planner PDF here.

Thanks Pinterest!

How to use Pinterest trend predictions to grow your business

Pinterest publishes an annual categorised list of data-backed emerging trends, and last December they shared their list of 100 trends to know for 2018.

The Pinterest list of 100 trend predictions for 2018

To begin with, have a read of Pinterest's blog post list: 100 trend predictions for 2018.
You can also download a PDF of the complete report with additional insights and metrics here.

You may be wondering how to use these trend predictions for the benefit of your small business. It's all very well to look at the list and think 'ooh, statement ceilings are gonna be big this year, how interesting!' but as businesses, we can actually use the data as actionable insights and make this information worthwhile to our brands. What can we do with essentially a free guide to what will be searched for and salivated over in the near future?

The Pinterest trends list is a vault of unlocked ideas. From a creative perspective you could use some of these to inspire what you make, how you market your business/products, and even aspects such as what to post on social media. You may not see any obvious connections with your own products/services, but some of the trends are transferable and linked in un-obvious ways!

Using Pinterest data to inspire and adapt what you make

Example: you're a bookbinder, and Pinterest predicts that 'unique keepsake guestbooks' are on the up. You could think about creating your own version of keepsake guestbooks. People are specifically searching for unique keepsake guestbooks, so be sure to design something original, perhaps even combining this with another trend, e.g. 'boho baby showers'!

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Using Pinterest data to inspire your marketing

Example: you make scented candles and are planning a photoshoot. Pinterest predicts that the colour 'sage green' and 'patterned plants' are gaining momentum. These could be used as a theme for your photograph backgrounds and props to keep them fresh and on-trend. You could even incorporate these elements as a theme for social media cover images, branding, etc, and tailor towards your target audience.

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Using Pinterest data to inspire your social media posts

Example: you're a leather worker, working from your garage. Pinterest predicts that 'garage workshop' is a rising trend, with a specifically targetable interest of 'craft storage'. Now imagine you organise that workspace a bit and take gorgeous pictures of it. Include some close ups of details, images of you working in your 'garage workshop', photos of your 'craft storage', videos of you speaking about your work, etc, and then release these as a series of posts on Instagram and Pinterest, along with explanations and your story, and blog about it too, why not! Further the reach of your posts by researching hashtags relevant to workspaces, home studios, work in progress, maker portraits, etc to target your ideal audience, and bingo! 

Other examples of incorporating trends:

  • Use popular themes for your packaging, e.g. street art, patterned plants, herringbone tile patterns on gift wrap and tags.
  • Start Pinterest boards with your own curated collections of the trending items and ideas.
  • Write a DIY tutorial blog post with instructions on how to make something related to a trending style.
  • Write a blog post featuring your favourite trend. (Then pin that to Pinterest!)
  • Start a project of documenting one of the trends e.g. 'colourful doors' and post a series on your blog and social media.

Bear in mind that the insights are from Pinterest, so we shouldn't make the assumption that these will be trends across all platforms and audiences. The data these trends are based on is analysed from search and save patterns of Pinterest users/shoppers so may not representatively reflect what a Facebook user is interested in, for example.

Are you thinking of incorporating future trends into your business strategy? Or is this something you already do? How is it working out for you? We'd love to know!

Pimp Your Facebook Page Like A Pro!


Learn how to customise your Facebook page tabs

I try to have a consistent theme from my blog to my social media pages and posts (see my Facebook business page). Your branding needs to be recognisable throughout your website, social media, packaging, logo, business cards, etc. If you're starting out with your business and don't know how to go about visual branding, here are some tips!

Once you know your brand colours, voice, fonts, etc you can apply them to your Facebook page in the form of a cover image/header, profile photo, social media posts, and your app tabs. Anything that can be branded should be branded!

Small Business Branding Tips For Facebook

1.) Creating app tab Icons for your Facebook business page

The app tabs on the left of your page (mine are purple in above pic) can be customised. You can either create an image of 111 x 74 pixel dimensions in graphics software (in which case scroll through my Canva guide and read from the Facebook page bit), or if you haven't tried using Canva yet, it's a bit of a game-changer for those that aren't a Photoshop whizz! Sign up to Canva, and follow my quick guide:

When you see this page, select "more" on the right hand side.

When you see the above screen, select "more" on the right hand side.

I figured out that the Gift Certificate template has the same ratio as the Facebook App Tabs. Select Gift Certificate (middle row, far right.)

I figured out that the Gift Certificate template has the same ratio as the Facebook app tabs. Select Gift Certificate (middle row, far right.)

Pick a background using the background tab, or upload your own image via the upload tab. Bear in mind that Facebook app tabs are small, so keep it simple.

Using Canva To Customise Facebook App Tabs

You can pick shapes, colours, text etc and add to your design. There are lots of free elements to choose from, or pay $1 each for the *premium* ones. When you've finished, click "download" and save to your device.

In graphics software e.g. Photoshop, resize your image to 111 x 74 pixels.

2.) customising the app tab Icons on your Facebook page

On your Facebook page, go to "settings", then "apps".

Branding Your Facebook Page
Branding Custom Tabs On Facebook Page

Choose the app you'd like to change from the list of apps you use. Click "edit settings".

Custom App Tabs On Facebook Page

When this dialogue box appears, rename the tab e.g. Follow My Pinterest, and save. Where it says "custom tab image", click "change".

Changing Facebook Tabs

Hover over the image and click where it says "edit". Choose your image file, and voila! Have a look at your page to make sure it looks *amazeberries, and then upload matching images for consistency.

Designing Facebook Page Tabs

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