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12 fabulous foodie finds - handpicked Etsy Christmas/Holiday gift guide!

Etsy Christmas gift guide for foodies by Digibloom

Gifts for Foodies

Everybody eats. But not everyone is as obsessed with creating and experimenting with food as a foodie!

We all know at least one, and my life is blessed with several of the foodie species, from a grow-your-own-food dude using ingredients plucked fresh from his allotment, to my mother of the Finnish variety with her traditional cinnamon and cardamom buns to-die-for, to my busy working mother of a sister - so passionate about food that she prioritises conquering all things culinary over naps... well, sometimes!

If you have a favourite foodie in your life, why not gift them something unique from Etsy this Christmas by shopping 'small' with independent designers? These items make great gifts because they are thoughtful, personal, and you won't find them in big high street shops! Furthermore, they are made by hand with the love of a passionate human being. When purchasing products from an Etsy seller, you're supporting someone's dream.

I've curated a gift guide of fabulous foodie finds for your creative cook, dining diva, or blossoming baker! Tuck in!

Click through the images to view and purchase.

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What's your favourite kitchen contraption or foodie thing at the moment? Let us know in the comments!

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