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Etsy Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018 - What a Mum Wants

It's Mother's Day on Sunday March the 11th this year. While every day is a great day to celebrate your mum(s), step-mum, grandma, or a new-mum friend; Mother's Day is an extra special opportunity to spoil them and/or let them know you're thinking about them (and their sleep-deprived nights of times past or present)! If you shop small and local for Mother's Day treats on Etsy, you're supporting small businesses at the same time. Warm-fuzzies all round!

Number 1 Mother enamel pin badge by  OldEnglishCo

Number 1 Mother enamel pin badge by OldEnglishCo

Etsy invited me to create a Mother's Day gift guide of Etsy items my mother might like to receive. I've curated a collection of Etsy items that take into consideration what my mum loves.

  • She doesn't like me splashing out on expensive gifts (prefers token gifts).
  • She likes garden and bird related things.
  • She likes contemporary design.
  • She likes personal, thoughtful gifts.

Click through the images to see the individual items:

I hope you like my selection of gift ideas for mum and the wonderful women in your life! I'd love to know which are your favourites and why?

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A wee note: while my post does contain affiliate links, this does not affect which items I choose. It simply means if you purchase something via one of my links I receive a small commission to top up my tea jar!