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Difference Makes Us - an Etsy campaign celebrating our un-similarities

Etsy Difference Makes Us

No two the same!

No two the same!

My favourite thing about Etsy is that you can find something thoughtful and personal for literally everyone and anyone. When shopping for gifts you'll discover an item that suits every niche, every hard-to-buy-for mother-in-law, every heavily-tattooed acid-jazz-loving mechanical engineer, and no doubt there'll even be the perfect gift for your best friend's pet gerbil. It just turned three, after all.

“Difference Makes Us celebrates the many ways that Etsy allows each one of us to express our originality.”
— Etsy

I recently moved in to a new nest and naturally my first inclination (after finding somewhere to plug the kettle in for a cuppa) was to go on a 3-hour Etsy favouriting spree and daydream about how the new space would be transformed into a me space. Don't you find that visiting someone's home tells you more about their personality and lifestyle than even they could tell you? I wonder what my choices will say about me! 

Below are some of my *new home* interior favourites - click images to be taken to shop listings for a closer look!

Reflecting upon my choices, I notice an attraction to organic shapes and forms with their natural imperfections, contemporary minimalism, muted tones, and geometric/linear persuasions.

Perhaps these preferences stem from my upbringing - surrounded by my Finnish mother's style; a typical no-nonsense nordic influence, and my father's work with drawing maps, along with his bookcases brimming with interesting old books about botany and geology.

It could also explain my interests as an adult, if my photos are anything to go by:

What does your home say about your personality? Share in the comments below! Or share the Etsy item that is most 'you'.

Find out more about Etsy's Difference Makes Us campaign, and enter Etsy's competition to win a £1000 Etsy gift card by posting a picture on Instagram of a unique item you own and love with the hashtag #DifferenceMakesUs

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