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Defining Your Brand's Visual Identity Using Colour

Your brand colours count towards a cohesive visual identity

Brands in-the-know will create their own set of brand guidelines. This usually includes tone of voice (think social media, advertising, etc), and visual style when utilising typefaces, images and colour palettes. It's all about having a recognisable, cohesive brand. See some examples here. This post is about one element of your brand's visual identity: defining your brand colours.

Experts talk about the psychology of colour, how it will make your customer feel, how you must research colours and they must resonate with your audience etc, but I prefer a more organic approach - if you are selling to people like you, pick colours you like!

There are plenty of websites offering colour palette pickers, and I like using Color Palette FX. Upload an image and it will display the colours from it. This works well if you have a photo that defines your brand e.g. has many different bright colours or has muted pastel hues, etc.

branding your small business using colour palette

Click on each colour you like to find the hex code (the number/code used in computer applications to represent colours). Make a note of the hex codes as you can then use the exact same colours for all your branding elements.

hex colours for online branding

See how nicely some of these colours go together? I warn you, it's pretty addictive! So here, Mountbatten Pink has the hex number: #997788. Pick a few colours that work well together, and then set about creating your images & web presence with them.

If you already have a website, upload a screenshot instead of an image to Color Palette FX.

In many cases when creating images online, you'll have the opportunity to enter your hex codes where there is a colour picker. Here is one of the places you can find the hex code in Photoshop:

Appoint specific colours to particular elements e.g. pale purple for text headings, dark purple for borders, mid blue for links, etc.

Further reading:

If you already have your branding fine-tuned, please do share how you came about picking your colours in the comments below.

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