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I've created a brand new Facebook group for Etsy sellers to discuss progress and experiences of selling on Etsy. As group admin, I'll be contributing input and advice too, and sharing my knowledge gained from working at Etsy in the past. The group will be a no promo zone!

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Tips to optimise your Etsy shop and SEO for the Christmas holiday season - guide to selling on Etsy

Etsy tips for the Christmas holiday season by Digibloom

Is your Etsy shop prepared for the Christmas holiday rush? Be sure to optimise your shop and listings for maximum impact! Here are some tips from Heidi the helpful Christmas Elf (that's me!) to ensure you have a very merry ker-ching-ing Christmas!



  • Go through your listings with a fine-tooth comb and weed out irrelevant titles, tags, and don't forget the bits about summer or Mother's Day in your descriptions. Imagine shoppers reading about that on a cold November evening! For your shop to appear fresh and current, it needs to be well maintained (like a bricks and mortar shop!)


  • Is a fresh photoshoot needed? Either work on your own photographs or consider hiring a professional. The latter can be fantastic value, especially if you sell the same items again and again. I recommend Diana Stainton Photography: you can post items to her to be photographed, and she has already worked with many a maker, along with professionally photographing Etsy events.
  • Depending on the type of products you make, mock-up designs like these can look amazing, without even having to pick up a camera! You can digitally add an image into a frame in an already-styled professional photograph.
Christmas styled clipboard mock up by  White Hart Design Co

Christmas styled clipboard mock up by White Hart Design Co

  • Branding can make or break your shop aesthetic. Have you uploaded a cover image? Check that it's not pixellated, stretched, or blurry, and looks professional. It needs to be consistent with your branding across all social media platforms, business cards, etc. If it doesn't look great, it's better to have none at all. The same goes for your About section. Canva have a free template to help you create your Etsy cover photo - drag and drop images and text into the template, simples!


  • Editors' Picks are your friend. Not solely beneficial for Etsy shoppers, these gems are a useful resource for merchandising your own products too. Find Editors' Picks sections on the Home page of your Etsy account. Are your products relevant to any of Etsy's merchandising themes? If yes, then make sure you're tagging your listings to suit.
Use Etsy's Editors' Picks filtered searches to find the keywords they tag by
  • Here's a super trick I learned when working with merchandising at Etsy that takes it a step further. The categories below are all within the Editors' Picks section. I'm going to use the 'For Colleagues' category (bottom right) as an example.
Etsy Editors' Picks filter search with tags

After clicking the 'For Colleagues' category image (above) I get the screen pictured below. See in the top left-hand corner of the screenshot it says: "All categories > “personalized coworker gift"? Etsy admin have filtered the listings that show under their category heading with a specific search term. This means that any listings with the title/tags 'personalized coworker gift' will show under that category list of Editors' Picks.

SEO trick for Etsy search - Editors' Picks

Tagging and titling your own relevant listings brings those items to the top of that search (if your listings & shop are up to par and you double tag/title). Etsy features these picks in their other merchandising e.g. newsletter emails as well, so the top ranking listings in that search would gain even more exposure. 

This used to be a very handy tip that I only passed on to my clients, but as time goes on, more and more people are finding out about it, and the more people that know about it, the more competition there is for the top spots. I figured it may as well be my loyal readers that benefit while this lasts and during the run up to Christmas!


  • Is your shop title (the sentence under your shop username) packed with relevant keywords? This is important for SEO and shows up as a title in search engine listings, so make it flow like a sentence, not just a bunch of keywords.
  • Same as above for your Shop Announcement. Important keywords in the first sentence, as this will show in search engine results as a shop description ("meta description").
Etsy meta descriptions in Google search
  • Edit your Shop Section titles with strong keywords. These titles not only help shoppers navigate within your shop, but also boost SEO for search engines.
  • The first 160 characters of your item description contribute towards your product's meta description i.e. text that shows under your listing in search engine results. Use rich keywords in the first paragraph to describe your product. I think you get the idea - strong, relevant keywords all over your shop!
  • Link to your shop from everywhere: social media platforms, word of mouth, email signature, car bumper sticker, business cards, tote bag (nothing like a walking advertisement!)
  • Get all your admin out of the way. Don't leave all your tax return paperwork until January, this can be a busy time for sales - do what you can now, and get all the boring filing down while you're at it! (Then pat yourself on the back and have a nice cuppa.)


  • Could your products be adapted to fit a trending theme? If not - could you design something new that would? I'm not talking about jumping on the sloth/pug/beards bandwagon, more of the general themes such as Secret Santa or making your product customisable, etc.
  • If your products do not, and will never be relevant to popular Christmas themes - could you still market them as such? E.g. if you sell zines about gothic architecture, could you photograph someone reading one while draped over a cosy sofa, wearing a Christmas jumper by a Christmas tree? Would using Christmas-themed props work for your photos?
  • Are your wares purely aesthetic? If you sell e.g. art prints - perhaps print the artwork onto functional *giftable* products such as notebooks and mugs as well.

How are you preparing your shop/business in the run up to Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!


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