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Additional illustrations from my self-initiated Illustrate April project.

Some more illustrations from my self-initiated #IllustrateApril project.

Prompt: “Character representing how I feel right now.” April showers!

Children's illustration of small girl in yellow anorak holding mushroom umbrella in the rain.

Prompt: “Something someone does that makes me smile.” Bringing me a cup of tea or just any demonstration of care/affection as I recover from migraine will bring a smile!

Illustration of woman in bed being handed a cup of tea or coffee.

Prompt: “Wanted to be when I grew up.” I’ve always been fascinated with crime and forensic psychology. As a child I wanted to combine my passion for art with my fascination of crime, so naturally I wanted to be a police sketch/photofit artist. Yes I did subscribe to a serial killer magazine…

Illustration of a little girl who wants to be a police sketch photofit artist when she grows up.

I did several other illustrations, but these were my favourite. There’s another one, illustrating nostalgia, though I decided to take it further than the initial sketch and am still working on that. I’ll post it on my blog when finished.

You can see these and more on my Instagram account.

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New Mother’s Day card – I’m Sticking With You

My new greeting card illustration features a parent beaver with their beaver kit, created with ink and watercolour. I purposely made this Mother’s Day card also suitable for Father’s Day, friendship, any family member (grandparent? Aunt? Uncle? Niece? Nephew?), and for children too!

Ink line drawing of beaver with kit and stick

Preliminary drawing

This is part of an illustrated wildlife series, currently incorporating one of my favourite animals; the beaver. You can read more about this in my previous post.
The text is hand-drawn using a drawing nib and sepia ink, then finished with watercolour. This card is currently available via my Thortful shop, and you can also get 30% off your first order with this link!

Mother's Day card with watercolour parent and child beavers illustration, and hand-drawn stick typography with the words "I'm sticking with you".

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