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My illustration in the book “Drawn from Life – Contemporary Artists, Timeless Techniques” by Helen Birch

One of my sketches is featured in a showcase of life drawings in the book Drawn from Life by Helen Birch. This is a lovely little book for those interested in drawing the figure from life, and provides inspiration from a variety of artists and traditional (yet contemporary) techniques.

My drawing comes under the heading ‘informal practice’ as it’s a sketch drawn while lounging on my parents sofa a few years ago (hence the Marimekko Unikko design blanket – Finnish mother!) This sketch came at a time when I was trying to rebel against my natural desire to perfect what I was seeing, to draw what I see without improving on the truth. Society inflicts images of perfection upon us with Photoshop, make-up, filters, and fakery. Life drawing should be about what is real. I love the truth and all its imperfections!

Drawn from Life book by Helen Birch with Heidi Burton

Drawn From Life drawing by Heidi Burton - legs on Marimekko sketch

If you’d like a copy of the book, you can buy one here.


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Archipelago Living >> Curated Collection

When I worked at Etsy, selecting and creating collections of gorgeous products was one of my favourite parts of the job and something I miss, so I decided to start sharing my personal collections of art/design/lifestyle inspiration here on my illustration blog.

I hope you enjoy this collection of kitchen/tableware items that was inspired by a moonlit boat trip from Finland to Sweden through the Åland Islands archipelago. Imagine – wee islands with a tiny red wooden house on each (a matching dog kennel, a sauna, a little rowing boat tied to the jetty), a midnight-blue sky illuminated by a full moon, a weird drunk guy trying to chat me up on the deck… well, you gotta keep it real, nothing is perfect in life.

It was beautiful. It’s a dream to live in one of these cottages, and these kinds of designs bring small reveries of this lifestyle into my reality.

archipelago living collage

Cloud felt coaster set > Pygmy Cloud, Karelian pies > Scandi Home, Arrow spoons > Amelie Mancini, Iittala Teema pitcher > Nord, Marimekko Weather Diary plate, teapot, & bowl > TwentyTwentyOne, Saaga jar > Pentik, Coffee Table II > Ariele Alasko.

You can also click through to see these items on my Pinterest board.

I hope you appreciate the struggle I had not to include Moomins anywhere.



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