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Personalised travel/hiking journals – flash sale!

I’ve just listed a couple of new hiking journals in my Etsy shop – inspired by a friend who is currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (trail from Mexico to Canada) at about mile 600 right now. These are small, lightweight Moleskine brand journals that are easily stashed in a backpack or pocket, and are altered to include a name/place/word above the hand-drawn hiker illustration. I always carry my own journal to write anything from travel notes to diary entries, and lots of sketches too! I figured these would make thoughtful gifts for hikers, hill walkers, adventurers and explorers ready for their next journey.

Flash sale! These are 15% off until June 8th 2018.

grey hiking journal with cut out boot shapes and cut out ribbon banner

Grey Moleskine journal with cut-out walking boots revealing a hiker and mountain drawing.

A heart for the love of hiking:

Brown hiker journal with cut-out heart shape revealing drawing of hiker and mountain.

The journal writer can add to the drawing or colour it in:

Hiker journal with pen on top of a map.

I have journals just like these from my 8 month backpacking adventure in Central America and several months spent in Canada. I thoroughly enjoy reminiscing with them and reflecting upon those times. Much of what I wrote was day-to-day life observations but it’s those details that set the scene and atmosphere realistically. The bits you might not remember because they didn’t stand out so much, but they help paint the whole picture, emotions included.

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