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Watercolour play

I’m visiting someone in BC, Canada and have a stunning view of the rockies from panoramic windows. While distracting, the inspiration is filling me with creativity. This little painting was for Colour Collective last week, and the colour I had to use was Viridian (green).

viridian cloud small by heidi burtonmacro watercolour petal

After many years of good intentions, I’ve finally started to paint flowers. These are my first attempt:

flowers forgetmenots small

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Watercolour in the mountains

I’m visiting Canada for a while and happen to be based in Fernie, BC with a window view of the beautiful Rockies! This is wasted on me (creatively speaking) as no matter how hard I try, I can’t draw or paint mountains well. So I decided to just paint imaginary mountain dwellers, because, what else can you do. Having said that, the ever-changing mountains are hugely inspiring to wake up to every day. I’ve fallen in love with this place!

mountain dweller painting wip

mountain dweller painting lifestyle

mountain dweller painting

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Society of Lost Souls

I’d like to help people and wasn’t sure how, but I knew that when I was very ill with depression my condition was improved with emotional support from friends and loved ones. So the other day I started a club. I suppose you could describe this club as an emotional support network for those in need of someone to talk to, or to share ideas, advice, and experiences with. The main thing is that people don’t feel alone, and get to drink tea together (and scoff cake!) It also connects friends with friends of friends and so the friendship circles grow. Here’s the banner I made for the club:

lost souls club small

I’m hoping to bring some art and journalling into the club for expression and motivation. Maybe run a workshop. Help the lost become found together.

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Sitting on Depression

An illustration about depression, the disease that you can sit on. For a while.

sitting on depression small

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Watercolour in sketchbook

After such a long time spent without feeling creative, I’m slowly getting back into drawing and painting by making mini sketches in my sketchbook. Also I have a new set of watercolour paints so am playing with them. Here’s a tiny sketch – need a smaller brush!

watercolour in sketchbook


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Norwegian Wood poster contest – notes on image construction

Norwegian Wood hand drawn typography by Heidi Burton

Work-in-progress photographs from my recent poster design, created for the Don’t Panic contest to produce a film poster for Norwegian Wood – directed by Anh Hung Tran and based on the novel by Haruki Murakami.

As some of you may know from previous work based upon Murakami’s writings, I absolutely love Norwegian Wood, it’s my favourite book – not just of his, but of all books. I wasn’t much of a reader but his books broke me in to reading, in a sense.

Below you can find preparatory images created during my design process.  These show my laborious and time-consuming approach. First I brainstorm on paper, then sketch a few initial ideas. Next is the research. A lot of research. Hours of it. Sometimes the best idea will emerge while walking to the shop or drifting off to sleep – I always have a journal handy to scribble it down.

Next stage is to combine research with ideas and create the characters, it can take a long time and a lot of practice to produce a likeness of a person, if I’m lucky enough to do that at all.  Each element is worked on separately, scanned, edited, and the whole lot  woven together (in Photoshop) to create the final image. I’ve included some of the ideas that were dismissed due to a lack of time, would have liked to explore them further for this contest.


Here is the final result:


As a lot of searches for the contest winner have led to my blog, I’ll mention here that the winner was announced yesterday on the Norwegian Wood Facebook page as Bertie Simpson with this poster. It was the second highest voted in the contest, and looks fantastic! See his blog here.  I also really like this poster design by Lucie Rauer as it evokes the atmosphere and emotion I felt when reading the story. More of her work here.


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